Our Past

September 23 2020

I know I haven't updated things much, the idea was to update things more and give my thoughts about what I was going to do with KWU however I haven't done that. Originally the first thought was just start KWOAOA over with a few minor tweaks so I sat down and got thinking about that idea and I thought about it long and hard and the final decision I had about that was "Why ?, I started KWU to get away from that shit" so as you can see I haven't done anything in regards to KWU. Right now I actually have had the thought of having it 100% females. Just as something different but I have to find passion in the idea before I start it and I don't know if I actually have that.

September 7 2020

WELCOME to Ken's Wrestling Universe website, I'll have more info regarding this change in due time.