Our Past

October 13 2020

I know things still arent' up, it's going to take time and motivation but you guys have lots of old stuff to look over if you haven't already. Anyways was finally thinking about KWU today and the reason why I changed things up from KWOAOA was because KWOAOA first started in 2002 or 2003 and it started on Zeus Pro (by Geeksoft) then it went to TNM7 then AWE then back to TNM7 which is why the site got to be as big as it was because I felt with jumping between games over it's long history I needed to keep things up where you guys weren't lost if you stumbled upon things. However the motto for KWU is KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) or as my brother likes to joke (Keep It Stupid Simple) which means the actual site isn't going to be much bigger than what you see, the only thing that will be added will be the outputs from TNM but I'm not going to do a roster page, I'm not going to do a champions page or anything like that as it's up to you guys to keep up with everything as it will all be done through the output anyways. With KWOAOA getting as big as it was in terms of the website that was truly something that killed it for me because it became a pain in my ass to update the site so I'm just going to keep things as simple as possible when I start. I'm hoping to start soon but don't hold me to that

September 23 2020

I know I haven't updated things much, the idea was to update things more and give my thoughts about what I was going to do with KWU however I haven't done that. Originally the first thought was just start KWOAOA over with a few minor tweaks so I sat down and got thinking about that idea and I thought about it long and hard and the final decision I had about that was "Why ?, I started KWU to get away from that shit" so as you can see I haven't done anything in regards to KWU. Right now I actually have had the thought of having it 100% females. Just as something different but I have to find passion in the idea before I start it and I don't know if I actually have that.

September 7 2020

WELCOME to Ken's Wrestling Universe website, I'll have more info regarding this change in due time.