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August 16 2020
I know I haven't ran any cards lately, but I've done a bunch of changes and was forced to make some outside changes that were rather expensive. I'm hoping to run something soon.
Although I'm also looking at slimming down this website, it's not a HUGE website but at times it can be a pain to work with and update little bits of coding. I think the first thing I'm going to work on is the "classics" section, initially I had things as mini websites  but I have to change that I haven't decided how... yet... but even my past results I want to change, I don't know how either but it's something I'm going to try to tackle but first the "classics" section.
I'll be sure to keep things posted

July 21 2020
The following wrestlers got released:
X.Q Ward / Victor Marshall / S.X Crawford / S.R. Webb / Ryan Ruinz / Ruthless L / Rex Calhoun / Mortiz / Morbid / Mazteryouz / Mason Buchanan / Major Mayhem / Kenneth Matthews / Judas / Jeriko / Jeremy Parker / Jayme Clash / James Alexander / Infinity / Hellish L / H.T Jenkins / Frank / Elmer / Double Doze / Demon X / Dead xXx / D.J. Wallace / Cristobol Gardner / Colton Weaver / Charles Hughes / Caleb Kelley / Bronze / Brandon Rodgers / Acyd Rain

July 20 2020
I couldn't believe it's been that long,  I had every intention of after a few days announcing the changes and running an event or two but time certainly got away from me.
It's been an entire week, but as per last update still kind of struggling with a bunch of personal issues.
I've had the thought of bringing back KVW as well, just something different to play with. At this point in time it's just a thought.
The Grey and Orange look is back, the non-colour look just took away from everything in my mind.

I'll make a point to sitting down and making changes and announcing releases today...

July 13 2020 - Site Changes etc...

So as I'm sure you all noticed from minute one that the site is now very basic colours.. So why is this ?, well it turned out that depending on the browser and device one is viewing the site on that the white text would at times show up rather blurry so it was easier to go back to the basic colours rather than try and fix it since it's hard to diagnose something like that. I also removed the footer from each page which basically just had copyright info / hitcounter and lets face it if your viewing this then chances are your using a adblocker and 99% of those block hitcounters anyway considering as of late I made a minor change to the domain that nobody would know because it's truly behind the scenes but what I did was I'm now using CloudFlare and it's got it's own analytics program built into it which truly does show me that my hit counter WAS NOT even close to counting the numbers that CloudFlare was finding. I made a slew of background changes that the naked eye won't see (like removing robots.txt and sitemap) I feel like they do nothing because if the site is created properly it's going to get indexed no matter what and truthfully I've been doing this website thing for years and I have no problems getting my stuff indexed without additional help like those even though I read how they are important but truthfully they aren't.

I have a bunch of new results up as you can see below two events a bunch of the originals have left us as well I'll dive more deep into that in the next day or so today (July 12) has been a very very off day for myself I've been struggling a lot personally and sadly I don't know why. I added an email me link to the navigation, I always thought I had one but it turned out I was wrong, I'll be making a bunch of minor site changes over the next little while which does mean that I won't be running as many cards at I have been the other thing I'll be doing is looking at the roster and slimming it down, right now the count is around 50 I think that's way too big either that I'm just getting way too old because I've actually started to make hand written notes about things just to keep up with it all and that says to me that either I have things that are way too mind boggling or I need to slim that roster down. So I'll be doing that in the next few days.

I thought about bringing in a second singles title but right now I don't know, as the original idea is to do it by using TNM - Tournament Edition but right now I haven't bought that game yet I've just been trying to figure things out, normally here is where I plug that I added a paypal button in hopes of getting a bit of funding to help with everything so it's not all coming out of my pocket but at this point in time I haven't added a paypal button since everything I do is strictly out of pocket since I've never found paypal buttons do anything except frustrate me and say to myself "yup, something else that I need to pay for" which is no doubt why I bounce around from owning a domain name on free hosting to just having free hosting

July 11 2020 - Note From Elimination Sin
Seems like the entire card was destined to fail, as no planning was put into the event beyond the first match and everything ran out of time, except the first match which was a four corners tag team match which seen the same groul of Outlaw Union lose more gold the only gold they had left to none other than Rising Sun.

July 11 2020 - Notes From Unforgiving Hatred
Last night at Unforgiving Hatred we seen just how fragile Outlaw Union is. The world champion lost the title last night and shortly after that happened he was ejected from the group as the group was seen celebrating with our new champion. Kelvin later was seen leaving the arena telling everyone had had no interest in returning after the events from that night when he thought he could count on his friends to have his back, but that wasn't the case as he was hung out to dry.

July 6 2020
Couple of our originals made a comeback last night and have chosen to drop past names in favour of new ones:
3peat will now be called Cristobol Gardner
Heart Throb will now be called Colton Weaver
Tha Bad One / Tha Badd Boy will now be called Rex Calhoun
Diesel will now be called  Mason Buchanan
The Assassin will now be called Kelvin Jensen

Results now posted for Suffering

July 2 2020
Did a bunch more events AGAIN plus I turned things from a email circuit to a regular circuit so I have to hire the wrestlers and I've already had a bunch turn me down.
This should be interesting, the first event since this change is called The Sin, the results are now listed as you can read this

July 1 2020
Couple of major announcements we have for you and after, Pain Monday a few of our wrestlers had announcements to make so here they are:

Krpytik & Big Evil - Have decided to retire, as they've been in and out of KWOAOA since the start of it and while they have only captured tag team titles they are fine with that and as of late they feel like they are just getting too old for this shit and want to devote more time into other aspects of life as they've been fortunate to go through the careers they have had without any major injuries

Newcomer Sean Dunan decided to retire as well, he had a short run and while in his short run he constantly battled Current World Champion Bronze he felt it was best just to walk away from the sport

M.I "Shadowy" Walker asked for his walking papers which lead Johnny "The Fate" King to change his name to Johnny King
As for the newly named tag team Wandering Phoenix he introduced his longtime friend Caleb Kelley who will be joining his tag team.

Vampyro announced his retirement, also being one of the originals being in and out of the promotion since it's creation he told us he had fun and many great memories, but times are different now and it's time for him to move on

Krow also announced his retirement, but didn't have anything profound to say just simply "Thanks, it's time for me to move on with my life"

Dreemer also retired, silently shaking hands with everyone on his way out and wishing  the promotion the best
Followed by Derranged doing the samething
As did Abyzz
Our second ever World Champion Awezome announced his retirement as well

After Unstoppable Wednesday the following happened

The team of Myst & Misfit broke up.
Misfit changed his name to: "Unknowable" James Alexander
Myst changed his name to: X.Q. "The Despair" Ward

Esoteric Blood Seven (Frank and Jeremy Parker and Elmer) also decided to part ways
Shortly after that Jeremy Parker & Frank reformed a tag team and named it: Druidic Minds

*** Promotion News ***
While as of late everything we've posted had to do with our wrestlers the last little while we've been debating about shortning our promotions name or changing it because it would be easier on many fronts. Including possibly helping us with search engine stuff as the world of SEO or search engines have changed and they don't allow very long names anymore as not our entire name is being shown in the search... This change will be announced shortly.

June 30 2020
Two more originals joined us today formerly called:
No Surrender & No Escape who renamed themselves to:
M.I "Shadowy" Walker & Johnny "The Fate" King
Who also revealed that they have a new tag team name: Wandering Phoenix
Plus we've done a few more events

June 29 2020
Mega Superstar has officially changed his name to: H.T. "Superstar" Jenkins
He's even taught himself a new finisher called: Cloverleaf Buster
Who knows who maybe the first victim of that, we may find out later today.
We also signed Canadian wrestler Sean "The Cobra" Duncan

June 28 2020
Got a few more events posted, check the results for the full list
Another Original is back... Deranged, made his return at Sunday Destruction..
Black Diamond has officially changed his name to: Charles "Diamond Count" Hughes

June 26 2020
Many wrestlers including our champions walked away from contracts. We signed a bunch of new people, brought back a bunch of the Originals now it's time to name ourselves a new champion...
Check the result of Thunder Friday

June 20 2020
Ran the event called "Ring Havoc" check the results

May 31 2020
Just bought the new wrestler generator for TNM7, got it installed.. Been a crazy day for me so I haven't played around with it nor have I created anyone or ran my first card of 2020.
I'm hoping to do this soon

May 30 2020
I've taken the next step, the roster is now empty. I just have to purchase the addon. Also going to make a back up of  Nico so I don't loose him, hopefully I'll have another update before this month finishes

May 28 2020
Alright well while I have the site online and everything seems normal in the front, it's really the pocket that's a little light. I was going to purchase the new wrestler creator that was recently released to make creating wrestlers that much easier for me. However right now money is a little tight as one of my Xbox One controllers broke so I had to put that ahead of everything else. Since it was a bigger purchase, but that didn't slow me down much I should still be buying the addon sooner than later then I'll announce the first event of 2020.. I'm hoping to make the one purchase by the weekend

July 24 2019
Found a different version of the site, just had to update it and get it online so here it is. Everything has been updated to the latest that we can recall.